Freelance Cinematographer, Camera Operator and Video Producer.

Cameron is an aspiring cinematographer and camera operator based in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Having recently graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with his BA Honours degree in Television Cameron is now seeking work in the industry as a freelance camera operator and cinematographer.

Through his studies and other external work Cameron has had experience on a wide variety of projects, such as short films, where he has had experience shooting on cinema cameras such as the Ursa mini and the Arri Alexa, documentaries, live broadcasts and more. Cameron is also a keen writer having written and shot two short films, “A Date With Anxiety” and “To Dwell in Vanity”, which won the Clements Family Prize in 2019.


  • Knowledge of a wide array of cameras, from DSLRs to television cameras.
  • Training and experience using the Arri Alexa. 
  • Knowledge of the different variables of a camera such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, FPS, resolution, white balance. 
  • Experience conducting interviews with the public and project contributors.  
  • Knowledge of camera theory and familiar with techniques such as leading lines and rule of thirds.
  • Experience of sound recording on location.
  • Experience of using Adobe software such as Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop.
  • Experience producing and camera operating on a student studio show through my studies. 
  • Experience collaborating and shooting short form comedy for The BBC Social page. 
  • Hold a full clean driver’s license.
  • Experience writing and formatting scripts for both factual and fictional pieces.

Relevent Experience

  • National Theatre Of Scotland, (SHIFT: Transmission, FutureProof: Transmissions) (Feb 2018, Oct 2018)
    • Shot and edited weekly behind the scenes content for their social media platforms.
    • Worked as a team for each weekly episode to ensure that episodes were delivered by a deadline. 
    • Was involved through the college for the SHIFT: Transmissions project but was then commissioned outwith the college for the FutureProof: Transmissions project.
    • Assisted a school student in producing their video for the FutureProof:Transmissions project.
  •  #IPlay4Peace Armistice Concert  (Nov, 2019)
    • Camera operator as part of a multicam shoot.
    • Worked as part of a team taking direction from the project director. 
    • Assisted in the transportation and set up of equipment.
  • Runner with Mentorn: Debate Night (Nov, 2019)
    • Meeting and greeting important guests and panellists.
    • Making cups of coffee for cast and crew.
    • Greeting the audience and making sure their needs are catered for.
    • Assisting with set up of the set.
  • Live Gig/Session Filmings (2018 – 2019)
    • Shot and edited multiple gigs and live sessions all around Glasgow.
    • Created content as both a photographer and videographer for bands social media pages.
    • Experience filming both individually and as part of a multiple camera set up. 


“See You Around” – 2019 – Director of Photography

See You Around” is a short observational documentary that follows the band “State Cinema” as they prepare for their first gig together in the Edinburgh music scene.

“A Date with Anxiety” – 2019 – Writer and Director of Photography

“A Date with Anxiety” is a short film that follows James as he battles his anxieties and insecurities in the lead up to his first date.

Insomnia – Short Film – 2018 – Director of Photography

“Insomnia” is a short film that details the difficulties of dealing with insomnia.

Martin and James: Live at the Pearce Institute – 2019 – Camera Operator

“Live at the Pearce Institute” is a live session performed by the band Martin and James and released on social media.

Shift Transmissions/ FutureProof Transmissions – 2018 – Camera Operator and Editor

The “Transmission” web-series was commissioned for the National Theatre of Scotland’s social media channels. The episodes documented events and gave behind the scenes insight into various theatre shows.

“Hypnosis” – 2020 – Director of Photography

“Hypnosis” was a re imagining of a scene from feature film “Get Out” and was made as part of an academic assessment.

“Fleabag” – 2020 – Director of Photography

“Fleabag” was a scene recreation from the TV show of the same name and was made as part of an academic assessment.

“Carer” – In Production – Director of Photography

Carer” is a short film that is currently in production and follows Anne as she grieves the death of a client.

“To Dwell In Vanity” – In production – Writer and Director of Photography

“To Dwell in Vanity” is a Short Comedy Mockumentary that follows the unconventional Sam in his new life as a van dweller.